How To See lyrics on Spotify

Music lovers always enjoy music with lyrics, and Spotify is best audio streaming app for music lovers. Because Spotify have different unique feature. Like, on-line streaming , off-line streaming and one of best feature is you can see and read the lyrics while enjoying your music.


Now you are surprising that how can I see the lyrics on Spotify. So lets get into that how you can sing your favorite lyrics along your tones. A big shutout to the Spotify for this unique feature. Either if you want want to read words or understand lyrics, you can to this activity on Spotify. Because finding lyrics on Spotify is very easy and fun task. In this guide we will reveal direct to the how we can find lyrics on Spotify.

Find lyrics “Spotify interference”

Struggling with finding lyrics on other streaming app. Just download Spotify If you don’t want struggle anymore. Exploring song lyrics within an audio streaming app is much easier than you think. After exploring Spotify menu I think Spotify has a cool trick, of finding lyrics of your favorite song.

How to See lyrics on your desktop

If you are listing songs on laptop or enjoying music on PC . Here is the easiest way to find lyrics.
Open the Spotify audio streaming app, tap to search bar , search any song you want to listen and play the song .
After that the interference of the app where song is playing, there is a ‘Microphone” small icon located on the right side. Tap on it, now scroll down to the lyrics. Lyrics will start showing after taping on it.
If you want enjoy or read lyrics on full screen. Just on the “more” icon which is showing on right side. Now you can enjoy lyrics with full screen on your laptop or PC screen.

How see lyrics on your Phone Screen

More People prefer to enjoys songs on mobile while doing other activity, or while doing traveling. Finding lyrics from your Spotify app on mobile is very easy. Yes it is very simple task even every body can do it.
So lets get into it.
Once you open Spotify app in your phone, tap on a search bar and play any song you want to listing or want to explore its lyrics.
Tap on song when its started playing. Now tab on song page , its started displaying song and its other info. There you will see the song lyrics started showing.
If you want to enjoy lyrics on full screen, tab on “more” icon which is located on the right side . now you can read lyrics or understand the words, whatever you want!

If you don’t see the lyrics by any chance that means lyrics is not available for that specific song.


You can turn on Spotify lyrics by tapping the Now Playing bar at the bottom of the screen. Once you’re viewing the song, scroll down to see the lyrics.

As of today, the Spotify lyrics feature is still free, although it started to experiment with having a paywall for a few users, which might indicate that the music streaming service will have the feature available only for Spotify premium apk


In the world of music streaming, Spotify stands out as a haven for music aficionados, offering a plethora of unique features. Among its array of functionalities, the ability to view song lyrics while enjoying music is a standout feature. It’s a game-changer, allowing users to sing along or delve deeper into the essence of their favorite tunes.

Finding lyrics on Spotify is a breeze, regardless of whether you’re using a laptop, PC, or your smartphone. The platform seamlessly integrates this feature into its interface, making it accessible to everyone. Simply search for a song, play it, and tap on the microphone icon to unveil the lyrics. If you’re using a phone, follow the same steps – the lyrics appear right on your screen, ready for you to indulge in.

Spotify user-friendly approach extends to mobile devices, ensuring that whether you’re on the move or multitasking, accessing lyrics is hassle-free. Remember, if you don’t spot lyrics for a particular song, they might not be available. Overall, Spotify commitment to enhancing the music experience shines through its effortless access to song lyrics.

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