How to Add Members to Spotify Family Account

We know that you’re eager to transform your Spotify experience into a family affair, and it’s hard to find the right place so I’m here to help you. Adding members to your Spotify Family Account is a breeze, ensuring that everyone gets their musical fix under one harmonious subscription. This user-friendly guide will walk you through the steps, making the process as smooth as your favorite melody.

Add Members to Spotify Family Account

No more juggling between individual accounts—just pure musical synergy. So, gather your music-loving crew, whether they’re kin or kindred spirits, and let’s dive into the joy of shared playlists and family harmony on Spotify. Together, let’s create a musical space that resonates with everyone in your tribe.

How to set up a Spotify family plan

The Spotify family plan provides one household to share their one cost of ongoing account. It is the best way to save money and enjoy it with all the family members in just the cost of the current account. The family plan has very easy features to understand including enjoying their favorite music offline playback.

Here I’m to teach you the process step by step:

  • Ask everyone and take permission from them that you are planning to add to your subscription to create an account.
  • Now go to the ‘’Premium for Family’ page and opt-in.
  • Now choose and make yourself the owner of the account, so that you can add more new users to this family plan account and manage other things.
  • At this stage Spotify generates a URL link that you can send to everyone to whom you want to add to your subscription plan.
  • When all the people of the group URL click the link that you have sent, they will make the members of this account, and you can change profile settings e.g. the language, usage limits, notification.
  • Here is your Spotify family plan ready to enjoy with your family members.

How to add new member to a Spotify family plan

You can invite new members to use your account, here are the following steps:

  • Open your Spotify app on your device.
  • Click the ‘’Premium for Family’ tab on the left side.
  • Once the ‘’Premium for Family’ window opens, you can see here ‘’Active’’ and ‘’’waiting for a one person slot’.
  • Choose and click on the available slot to activate two ways of adding a new family member.
  • Now under the ‘’Invite Family’ window, you’ll notice ‘’Invite with email’, choose whatever option you want.
  • Beneath the invite with this link’, button, copy this specific link, and share it as you wish.
  • After sharing the link to family members through the email, Spotify will show you ‘’waiting for one person’’ status. Beneath it, you will notice and check, ‘’Link sent’.


Spotify Family Plan lets one household share the cost of a single premium account, providing significant savings compared to individual subscriptions.

The family plan comes with user-friendly features, including the ability to enjoy favorite music with offline playback.

 Ask for permission, go to ‘Premium for Family,’ opt-in, become the owner, and share the generated URL link with chosen family members. Clicking the link makes them part of the family plan.

Open Spotify, navigate to ‘Premium for Family,’ click on an available slot, and choose ‘Invite with email’ or share a link. After sharing, the status will show as ‘Waiting for one person.’


Imagine turning your home into a musical hub where everyone enjoys the beats under one shared subscription. Adding members is a breeze, making it the ultimate family plan. Forget the hassle of managing separate accounts – now it’s all about musical togetherness. Just follow the easy steps: gather permissions, visit ‘Premium for Family,’ make yourself the captain, and share a unique link to bring in your music-loving crew. Setting up is a joy, and adding new members later is a walk in the park. Open Spotify, select ‘Premium for Family,’ choose an available slot, invite with email or link, and watch the family music party unfold. Your unique Spotify family space is now ready, promising shared playlists and harmonious vibes for all. Enjoy the tunes with your tribe!

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