Spotify vs Sound Cloud

Spotify vs Sound cloud both are most popular apps for music streaming. people use both apps according to their on preference. Spotify has a biggest mainstream and most popular music database, while sound cloud focused more on separate music but also sound cloud allowed users to upload and share their music. which can be a draw for people. it is also a fact that sound cloud is older than Spotify, but in todays world Spotify getting popular day by day because of its clear sound and better quality. Spotify have released its premium version. from its premium version people can download the music, listen music nonstop and ad free music.


What is Spotify?

Spotify is a music app where you can listen to lots of songs. You can choose your favorite music and make playlists. It has free and paid versions. In the paid one, you don’t get ads, and you can download songs. You can also listen to podcasts on it. It’s like having a big music collection on your phone or computer.

What is Sound Cloud?

Sound Cloud is an online platform for music and audio. People can upload their music and share it with others. It’s a place for new and independent artists to showcase their songs. You can listen for free, but there are ads. It’s a bit like a social network for music. Sound Cloud helps musicians get their work heard.

Is Spotify better or Sound cloud?

if we talk about sound quality then their is no doubt Spotify sound better. Spotify premium also gets first place in level of artist on the platform and audio quality. they both are greatest and biggest platform in the music industry. sound cloud has also a good quality music . almost more than 25% of sound Cloud users are from USA. sound cloud was founded in august 2007, while Spotify was founded in 2006. Spotify is world leading music streaming app with more than 550 million users. currently Spotify can access in 183 countries globally.

Does Spotify own Sound Cloud?

when sound cloud was very near to shutdown and they need emergency fund. in previous month, the company had to cut staff by more than 35% and was in talks for investment by Spotify, which ended up falling apart. Spotify declined to acquire Sound Cloud three times. if we talk about owing music in sound cloud, artist and company music own lyrics and copyright. sound cloud have come with a update, which lets premium user to upload their production to streaming services from the sound cloud dash board on laptop and pc. if any brand wants to advertise on sound cloud, it offer different types of advertising, like audio advertising and streaming advertising.

What music platform pays the most?

if we talk about the payouts to artists and content creators, Spotify usually pays more than Sound Cloud. because Spotify has licensing agreements with bigger record labels and publishers, that means it distributes a remarkable portion of its revenue to these rights holders, who in turn paybacks the artists. Overall, if you’re an artist looking for higher paybacks, Spotify is generally considered to be a better option in terms of making generation, especially if your music having big and good streams and popularity.


Spotify offers a vast library, including mainstream and independent music. SoundCloud features a mix of independent and emerging artists.

Yes, both platforms offer free tiers with ads, but they also have premium subscription options for ad-free and additional features.

Yes, both Spotify and Sound offer personalized recommendations.


In the world of music apps, Spotify and Sound Cloud are popular. They have differences. Spotify has lots of famous music, while Sound Cloud has more indie music. Spotify is newer and sounds better. Sound Cloud is older. Spotify is bigger with over 550 million users in 183 countries.

Spotify didn’t buy Sound Cloud, but they talked about it. Sound Cloud lets artists keep their music rights. They have a new feature to upload music to streaming platforms. If you want to advertise on Sound Cloud, they offer different types of ads.

When it comes to paying artists, Spotify usually pays more. They have deals with big music companies. So, if you’re an artist, Spotify might be better for you.

Both apps have free versions with ads and personal recommendations. So, pick the one you like for your music!

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