Spotify vs Deezer: WHICH IS BETTER?

When it comes to best or top music streaming app. The first audio streaming app that comes in the mind is Spotify. They both offer verity of music, both have user friendly interference. You can personalized the song playlist.



If you are a music lover, then Spotify is the best platform for people like you. Here we are introducing you the mod version of the Spotify premium for totally free of cost and this mod version provides all the qualities which is in the paid version like no ads, means no interruption and could be able to listen the song continuously, and now you have the unlimited skips, as well as the best quality of audio sound.


Deezer is a cool music app. It lets you listen to tons of songs and podcasts. You can use it for free with ads or pay for extra perks. With Deezer, you can find new music based on what you like. It works on phones, computers, and speakers. If you pay, you get better sound quality and can listen offline. It’s in lots of countries, so people everywhere can enjoy their favorite tunes easily. Deezer is a fun way to explore and enjoy music whenever and wherever you want!

Sound quality comparison

Spotify vs Deezer, two leading music streaming services, offer differing approaches to sound quality. Spotify, known for its user-friendly interface and extensive music catalog, primarily provides audio in three formats: First 96 Kbps (Normal quality), 160 Kbps (High quality), and 320 Kbps (Very High quality for Premium users). This range covers various levels of quality, with the highest being comparable to other streaming services.

Spotify vs Deezer friendly user interface

Spotify boasts an incredibly intuitive and user-friendly interface, making it a standout choice among music streaming platforms. Its sleek design ensures easy navigation, allowing users to swiftly discover music, create playlists, and explore curated content effortlessly.

Additionally, Spotify interface excels in its seamless integration across devices, providing a consistent and familiar feel whether accessed via mobile, web, or desktop. Overall, Spotify user interface stands out for its simplicity and accessibility, offering a smooth and enjoyable music streaming experience that resonates well with a diverse user base.

Spotify vs Deezer take a look what they offering

Free Plan

Deezer offering free plan with add supporting, no shuffle and no off-line mode.
Spotify offering free plan with add supporting, no off-line mode but shuffle mode only.

Free trial

Deezer offering their free trial for 30 days.
Spotify offering their free for 3 months if you buy their premium subscription after free trial ends.

Monthly fee plan

Deezer offering its monthly premium subscription at $11.99.
Spotify offering its monthly premium subscription at $10.99.

Family plan

Deezer offering their plan at almost $15 for 6 member in the family.
Spotify offering their family plan at $16.99 for 6 member in the family for one month.

Currently, In 2023 according to google record Deezer has over 16 million subscriber including their artist. While Spotify has over 180 million subscription including their artist.
When it comes to the comparison of their library music list, the common question that comes in every users mind that, which audio streaming app has more songs, well if we take a look according to 2023 Deezer has over 120 million music track world wide. It has other audio like podcast etc.
While if we talk about Spotify, how many songs Spotify owns? Well Spotify owns 100+ million song including other audio and podcast.


Deezer free plan includes ad-supported streaming and off-line mode only where Spotify free plan offer ad-supported mode also offer “shuffle mode”.

Deezer has almost 120 million music library according to 2023 while, Spotify has 100+ million music library including other audio and podcast.

Both audio streaming app offer trial, but Deezer offer 30 days trial only where Spotify offer a longer 3 month of free trial if you buy their premium version after the free ends.


In the realm of music streaming, Spotify and Deezer emerge as top contenders. Both platforms provide diverse music libraries and user-friendly interfaces, allowing personalized playlists.

Deezer offers a free plan with ad support, lacking shuffle and offline mode. Conversely, Spotify free plan features ad support and shuffle mode without offline listening. Deezer monthly premium subscription is $11.99, slightly higher than Spotify $10.99. Deezer family plan costs almost $15 for 6 members, whereas Spotify is $16.99.

In 2023, Deezer boasts 16 million subscribers and a library of over 120 million tracks worldwide, while Spotify has 180 million subscribers with 100+ million songs and podcasts.

Sound quality varies; Spotify provides Ogg Vorbis formats ranging from 96 Kbps to 320 Kbps for premium users.

Spotify interface shines with intuitive navigation across devices, ensuring an enjoyable streaming experience. Deezer trial lasts 30 days, while Spotify extends theirs to 3 months upon purchasing their premium version. These differences may influence your choice based on trial length, price, and interface preferences.

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