What is Spotify AI DJ? How to Get Spotify DJ 

Spotify DJ uses artificial intelligence to enhance and tailored listening experience, as Spotify continually tries their best to revolutionize the way we discover and enjoy our favorite tunes.

What is Spotify AI DJ

Imagine a scenario where Spotify takes a leap into the future with the introduction of the groundbreaking “Spotify AI DJ” feature, a virtual DJ that tailors’ playlists to your unique musical taste. Let’s dive into the hypothetical world of Spotify AI DJ and explore how to get this exciting new feature.

What is Spotify AI DJ?

Spotify AI DJ is a feature that blends artificial intelligence and different music, albums so that it gives a tailored listening experience to the listeners. Through analyzing your choice and habits, priorities, these features create a new and familiar playlist.

Spotify algorithm AI DJ provides better recommendations the more you listen, giving a perfect balance between your favorite songs and discoveries and the playlist going to improve according to your priority, also including all the trendy songs globally, so that you cannot miss any latest songs.

How to get Spotify AI DJ?

First things first, make sure to give your app a fresh coat of updates by grabbing the latest version. Once you’ve updated your app, go ahead and log in. Now, the magic happens in the ‘Made for You’ section, where these features will pop up if they are ready to roll.

  •  It’s worth noting that this nifty feature is an exclusive treat for our premium users. Here’s the lowdown on how Spotify gently nudges you to try out the DJ experience:
  •  Navigate to your Music Feed, right there on the Home tab of your Spotify mobile app, whether you’re rocking iOS or Android.
  •  Next up, tap the Play button on the DJ card, and voila!

 Now, sit back and relax as Spotify takes the reins. Your personal DJ is set to curate a stellar lineup of music, complete with bite-sized commentary on the songs and artists, all handpicked just for you. It’s like having a musical companion tailor-made for your tastes. Enjoy the tunes!


Spotify AI DJ is a feature blending artificial intelligence with music, creating personalized playlists based on your preferences and habits.

The more you listen, the better the AI DJ becomes at suggesting a mix of your favorites and new discoveries, evolving playlists to match your priorities and incorporating global music trends.

Simply update your app to the latest version, log in, and head to the ‘Made for You’ section. If the feature is ready, it will appear there. Note that it’s exclusively available for premium users.


Spotify AI DJ transforms your listening journey with the power of artificial intelligence. Picture a future where your virtual DJ crafts playlists tailored precisely to your musical cravings. This groundbreaking feature analyzes your preferences, habits, and mood, curating playlists that feel both fresh and familiar. The AI DJ evolves with each listen, striking the perfect balance between your favorites and exciting discoveries, incorporating global trends to keep you in the loop. Exclusively available for premium users, getting started is a breeze—just update your app, head to ‘Made for You,’ and tap Play on the DJ card. Let your personal DJ guide you through a handpicked musical journey—your companion in tunes. Enjoy the beats!

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