How to change or reset your Spotify password

If you are a music lover, then you should not stop just because you forgot your password or you just want to change it. This is not a big issue, now you can easily change your password or reset it with the strong password so that you feel secure while using Spotify.
If you forgot your password or want to change the password on your current account then, you came to the right place, here I’m telling you the easiest way to change it.
First, you must be logged in. If you didn’t then go to Spotify app on the phone or desktop and log in your account. SPOTIFY.



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Login Spotify account

If you are using a Spotify account on your phone and want to reset it, then you must open this in browser because it might not work on phone or desktop, and if you want to change your password of Spotify apk then you can change it on phone, desktop or browser.

How To Change your password on Spotify

If you still remember your password and want to change and, it’s good to change the password or make sure that your account is more secure.

  • Go to the password change page
  • Type your current password in the current password place.
  • Then type your new password in the new password space.
  • Then type your new password again in the new password space.
  • Here your new password is set, now you have made it safe and secure.

How to Reset your password on Spotify

If you forgot your password, then you should reset it so that you can regain it as soon as possible. Here I’m telling you the easiest way to reset password on Spotify. So don’t stop just because of forgot password, keep streaming and beat the security.

For this process you need to go with a browser because that won’t work on desktop or phone.

  • Go to the Spotify app on your desktop or phone.
  • Then click on the reset password page
  • Write your email or username in email address.
  • Then click on send option
  • Now you will receive an email with ‘’Reset your password’ name.
  • Then click on it and open it.
  • Now you must type the new password in the new password option.
  • And now again type the same new password in the given option.
  • Here your password is now set.
  • If you did not receive any email, then you must check the spam/junk filter. Maybe you will receive it there.


you can change password just to make your account safe and secure because changing the password is a fundamental practice in maintaining the security of your account.

If you want to change your password, make your account more secure than you must be set a strong password with using in capital letter, symbols, numbers.

You can change your password on Spotify account. Additionally, change your password immediately if you suspect any unauthorized access or if you’ve used the same password across multiple platforms.


Changing your Spotify password is like adding sunscreen to your beach day – it keeps things safe and enjoyable. Whether you want to boost security or forgot your password, the process is a breeze. Just log in, head to your account settings, and follow the steps to set a new password. Think of it as a tune-up for your digital summer playlist. Regular changes ensure your musical haven stays secure. So, dive into the simple process, and let the good vibes of your favorite tunes continue to play uninterrupted.

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