Music is the best way to combine people together or to bring them close, as we know that Spotify is now the most leading live streaming platform, offering a variety of unlimited features. One of the main features is that you can share your playlist with your friends.


If you are Spotify user, then you must take advantage of their unlimited features. you can also share your favorite library with your friends, you can enjoy your parties.

You can show your song taste to your friends and tell them about the amazing features of Spotify apk.

In this article you’ll explore or learn, how to use most of the Spotify’s social features and enhance your music listening experience with friends

Share your playlist or tracks

Spotify made it easy for the user to share playlist or individuals’ music with friends and family.
There are following steps

  • find the playlist or track you want to share.
  • Click on three dots next to the playlist or tracks.
  • Select share and choose platform through which you want to share.

Connect with the social media

You can share your Spotify account to social media account that will help you to enhance your music sharing experience and you’ll connect with people more and more.
It will help you in improving your communication and interaction with your family and friends

  • Go to setting in the Spotify app.
  • Select ‘’social ‘’and connect your account to facebook, and other social media accounts wherever you want.
  • Follow your friends on Spotify account, so that you can check their activity in ‘’friend activity’’ section.
  • Connecting on social media account can increase your network on these platforms and widen the scope of your sharing music and tracks networks.

Join a group session

Music and podcast or streaming are always best when you are enjoying yourself with your friends together.
As you must know, group sessions allow Spotify premium users around the world to stay tuned within the same playlist at a time.
No barrier of the distance you and members of your friend circle can enjoy every song of playlist at same time and as can control of playback.
Users can use these features only by sharing a join this group via link through messaging apps or social media apps or others.
Evaluation of Spotify experience is increasing for the user, to meet the requirement of the listener, and providing them best audio quality all around the world also working on more features.

Make a collaborative playlist

Users are aware that collaborative is better way to swap and share recommendations and to share latest music discoveries, make a perfect playlist with your friends. You just invite them easily so that they also can contribute, you can see which songs and podcasts are added by them. And they enjoy start streaming together.
So, pick the playlist as you want to collaborate on then click on ‘’Add user’ in the header to make playlist collaborative, as from there you can invite them to add songs and other podcast episodes on social media or messaging apps.
You can also do that by simply copying and pasting the link.


Go to setting in the Spotify app select ‘’social ‘’and connect your account to Facebook, and Follow your friends on Spotify account, so that you can check their activity in ‘’friend activity’ section.

Spotify group session allows you to connect and listen to music simultaneously with friends and family. Start a session by playing a song, clicking on “Devices Available,” selecting “Start a Group Session,” and sharing the invite link with your friends.

Yes, absolutely everyone who joins a group session can control the playlist, ensuring interactive music together.


Sharing Spotify experiences with friends is made seamless by user-friendly features. Easily exchange playlists and tracks, showcasing musical tastes for enjoyable gatherings. Connect on social media to broaden your music-sharing network, fostering interaction and real-time activity tracking. Spotify Group Sessions erase distance, letting friends enjoy the same playlist simultaneously. If needed, disconnecting your Spotify account from social media is a simple process in the settings. Spotify’s social features transform music into a collaborative venture, uniting people through shared playlists and synchronized listening for memorable moments.

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