Spotify Launches Audiobooks – Everything You Need to Know

Spotify is the most popular streaming platform, now something new for you. Audiobooks are like reading out loud that you can listen to. It’s not just about music anymore, Spotify wants you to enjoy different kinds of audio, like exciting stories. Now, you can switch easily from your favorite songs to interesting audiobooks, making your time on Spotify even more fun. This change is more for everyone who loves music and books. Spotify wants to be placed where you get all your audio stuff, whether it is songs or stories. This audiobook launch shows that Spotify is working hard to be a super cool app for all kinds of sound. So, if you like trilling stories, learning new things, or classic tales, Spotify’s audio books are here to keep you entertained.

Spotify Launches Audiobooks

How to find audiobooks on Spotify

Finding audiobooks is super easy! Just open your Spotify app and go to the “search bar” tab at the button. Type the name of audiobooks, authors or the topics you are interested in like harry potter or science fiction. Then tap on the “audiobooks” option under the search results. You will see a bunch of audiobooks related to search. Another way is to check out the browse section and look for the word or audiobooks category. Once you find the one you like, simply press play, and you are all ready to enjoy the story. It’s like finding your favorite music, just search pick play and enjoy. Now you can have your music and stories all in one place on Spotify.

 Can I share audiobooks on Spotify?

Yes! You can definitely share the audiobooks you love on Spotify! Just like sharing your fav songs on Spotify, you can click on the share button while listening to an audiobook you shared. It’s a great way to recommend cool stories to others. So, if you find an audiobook that you think your friends would enjoy, go ahead and share with them. Cuz it’s easy to share the joy of great audio books.

 Do I need a premium subscription for Spotify audiobooks?

No! You don’t need a premium subscription for Spotify audiobooks. Spotify offers both free and premium users, making it accessible for everyone. Whether you have a free account with ads or a premium subscription for ad free experience. You can still explore and listen to a wide variety of audiobooks. Just search for your favorite title, click play and come into the world of stories. While premium subscription offers additional perks like offline listening and higher audio quality. It is not a requirement to access the huge collection of audiobooks available on Spotify.


 Spotify audiobooks are available in various regions. You can check your app to see if they are accessible in your country.

Yes, with the Spotify premium subscription, you can download audiobooks for offline listening music.

If you have a Premium subscription, you’ll be able to listen to 15 hours of audiobooks for free per month

Final Words

In summary, Spotify adding audiobooks is a cool step beyond music, reaching out to both music and book lovers. Now, you can smoothly go from music to exciting stories on the same platform. Spotify wants to be your go-to place for all things audio, and they make it easy for both free and premium users to enjoy audiobooks. Sharing your favorite audiobooks is as simple as sharing songs, spreading joy. The best part? You don’t need a premium subscription to dive into the audiobook collection, making it open to everyone. With this move, Spotify is turning into an even better spot for all your audio entertainment. As Spotify grows, adding audiobooks cements its position as a top destination for a diverse audio experience.

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