How To See Top Artists on Spotify (2024 Guide)

Spotify is a big deal for music lovers, with tons of songs and artists right at your fingertips. If you got a Spotify premium, things would get even better. No ads or some extra feature to enjoy. If you are looking for the cool and trendiest musician, checking out the top artist on Spotify is an easy and smart move.

See Top Artists on Spotify

This guide will help you to figure out how to find the absolute best music scene whether you have been using Spotify premium for a while or thinking about upgrading the fancier music experience. This article is here to help you effortlessly discover the top artist making waves in 2024. Let’s discover the world of premium music streaming and open to your Favorite tunes.

Stats on Spotify

Take a closer look at Spotify stats to understand the latest trend in music streaming. For those using Spotify premium, it’s more than having access to a huge song collection, it’s about discovering details on top artists, popular genres and user preference. 

This guide will walk you through the stats of Spotify in 2024, highlighting the most played tracks, upcoming albums and special perks that come with Spotify premium. Whether you are into chart toppers or emerging artists, these stats enhance your music exploration and emphasize the benefits of choosing Spotify premium. Spotify stats reveal what songs are trending, who’s on the top, what genres are gaining tradition, offering a straightforward peek into music.

How to access your top artist on Spotify

To find your top artist on Spotify, follow these simple steps. Once open Spotify and log into your account. Once you logged in click to the home tap at the bottom of the screen. Scroll down until you see the “Made for you” section. Here you will find a personalized playlist and insight based on your listing habits.

Look for the playlist title: “your library: wrapped” or something similar like that. This special playlist is created annually by Spotify and highlights your most listened to songs and artists. Open the playlist to discover your top artist along with other interesting statistics about your music preference.

Remember: Spotify wrapped is typically available towards the end of the year. Showcasing your listening trends and providing a fun memory of your musical journey.

Spotify Stats for Informed Listening

Get the big picture: Spotify gives you a good look at the latest music trends and what people like.

Know what’s on trend: see which are getting the most listening. So, you are up to date on the latest popular tunes.

Easy exploration: Check out Spotify stats without any hassle to find what genres artist and songs you love.

Find hidden gems: spot emerging artists and top charting to expand your music taste with these handy stats.


Spotify Premium is a paid subscription that offers an ad-free music streaming experience, along with additional features and exclusive perks to enhance your overall enjoyment of music.

Navigate to the “Your Library: Wrapped” playlist created annually by Spotify, highlighting your top artist and other interesting statistics.

Log in to your Spotify account, go to the home tab at the bottom of the screen, and scroll down to the “Made for you” section. Look for the playlist titled “Your Library: Wrapped” or something similar. This playlist, created annually by Spotify, highlights your most listened-to songs and artists, giving you insights into your music preferences.

Spotify stats offer a comprehensive view of the latest music trends, including the most played tracks, upcoming albums, and popular genres. It also gives insights into user preferences, making it a valuable tool for music exploration.


Diving into Spotify in 2024 opens a world of possibilities for music lovers. If you have Spotify Premium, you get a better listening experience without ads and with extra features. Browsing through Spotify stats gives you useful insights into the ever-changing music scene, helping you keep up with the latest trends and what people like. Whether you want to explore top artists, popular tracks, or upcoming albums, Spotify has something for everyone’s musical preferences. The yearly Spotify Wrapped playlist is a fun recap, showcasing your unique listening journey. By easily checking these stats, you can make informed decisions, find hidden gems, and expand your music taste. Opting for Spotify Premium not only gives you special perks but also adds more joy to your music discovery journey, making it a must for those wanting a richer and more personalized auditory experience.

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