How To Start a Podcast on Spotify in 2024 (Full Guide)

Spotify welcomes us to the world of podcasts. If you ever dreamt of sharing your thoughts, stories and expertise with a global audience, starting a podcast on Spotify in 2024 is your ticket to the big step. 

Start a Podcast on Spotify

This simple guide will walk you through the process step by step, making this difficult task easier. We will help you choose the right tool, create eye-catching artwork and select the perfect intro music to make your podcast outstanding. Learn the basics of podcast hosting platform and effortlessly submit your show to Spotify.

Promotion and engagement tips take your podcast reach to targeted audience. While we cover the potential monetization strategies for those looking to turn passion into profits.

Get ready to take a step on an exciting journey into the world of podcasting with our straight-forward guide in 2024.

What is a Spotify podcast?

A Spotify premium is an audio show available on the popular music streaming platform, Spotify. Unlike traditional ratios these podcasts cover a huge range of topics from storytelling and interviews to educational content and entertainment. With Spotify premium, users can enjoy an ad free podcast experience, allowing uninterrupted experience.

Spotify is a place where you can find lots of different podcasts for all kinds of interests. It’s like a one-stop shop for people who make podcasts and those who love listening to them. So, if you want to make your listening experience even better, check out the world of Spotify podcasts and enjoy the extra advantage that comes with having Spotify premium.

5 easy step to start a podcast on Spotify

Plan your podcast:

1st think about what you want your podcast to be about. What topics do you love or what kind of topics interest you? Who is your audience? Plan out a few episodes in advance.

Record your episode:

Find a quiet place. Get a good microphone, start recording your episode. You can talk about your Favorite subjects, share stories or even interview people.

Edit your Episodes:

Use basic editing tools to clean up your recording. Remove any mistakes and remove the long pauses. Make your episode sound smooth and engaging.

Choose a podcast hosting platform:

Pick a platform like Anchor or Pod bean, to host your podcast. This is where your episode will live. And Spotify will connect to these platforms.

Submit to Spotify:

Create a Spotify account, go to Spotify for podcaster and submit your podcast. Once you approved, your podcast will be available for everyone to enjoy.


With Spotify premium you get an ad-free experience. It makes your listing more enjoyable as you explore the unique world of content on the platform.

Yes! You can. Explore the different ways like sponsorship and ads and learn about the potential monetization strategies to turn your passion into profit.

A podcast on Spotify is like a radio show you can listen to on the popular music platform. It covers various topics, and with Spotify Premium, you can enjoy it without ads.

Conclusion remarks:

In summary, jumping into the podcasting scene on Spotify in 2024 is both exciting and doable. We’ve covered everything from planning your podcast and recording episodes to getting your show on Spotify.

We’ve explained the basics of podcast hosting platforms, ensuring a smooth ride from creating your episodes to sharing them with the world. Tips on promoting your podcast and engaging with your audience are in there too.  

As you start this awesome podcasting adventure, remember, Spotify isn’t just a place to host your stuff; it’s a big mix of all kinds of content. And if you go for Spotify Premium, you get to listen to all your favorite podcasts

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